Democratic Strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis Are Home to Half of the State’s Lowest Performing Schools


The Democratic strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis are home to half of the state’s lowest performing schools, according to the Minnesota Report Card. The Pioneer Press recently reported that the Twin Cities contain 24 of the 47 lowest-performing schools in the state, which are set to receive support from…

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Carol Swain Commentary: Abortion and the Progressive Campaign for Black Self-Annihilation

By Dr. Carol M. Swain Do black lives matter to “progressive” black women? A new billboard in Dallas, Texas, made headlines last week with a controversial message encouraging black women to have no qualms about aborting their unborn babies. Three attractive, young black women with bright smiles greet passing motorists…

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Commentary: ‘First Man’ – Let’s Just Skip This Movie

First Man

by CHQ Staff   Universal Pictures’ chose Oscar-winning French director Damien Chazelle and Canadian actor Ryan Gosling to lead “First Man,” the story of the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s quest to land a man on the moon. The story line focuses on astronaut Neil Armstrong and the years…

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Second Quarter GDP Upgraded to 4.2 Percent as Trump Economy Booms, Magic Number for Third Quarter Is Now 3.98 Percent

by Robert Romano   The second quarter Gross Domestic Product was upgraded by the Bureau of Economic Analysis to 4.2 percent inflation-adjusted, annualized growth, great news for the American people — and bringing the economy one step closer to restoring robust growth. The U.S. economy has not grown above 4 percent since 2000,…

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Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Back In Senate Hart Building Hours After Being Arrested At Kavanaugh Hearings

by Henry Rogers   Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour was spotted walking around the Hart Senate building hours after being arrested for protesting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Sarsour was on her way to elevators in the Senate office building and refused to say if she had been arrested or…

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Los Angeles Prosecutors Drop Criminal Charges Against Kevin Spacey And Two Other Celebrities Accused Of Sexual Assault

Kevin Spacey

by Hanna Bogorowski   The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined Tuesday to file criminal charges against a trio of Hollywood actors, including Kevin Spacey, Anthony Anderson and Steven Seagal, all of whom have been accused of sexual assault. The District Attorney’s office said it would not prosecute Spacey on…

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Report: Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith’s Husband Has $1 Million Invested in Bermuda-Based Hedge Fund

Tina Smith

New reports show that Sen. Tina Smith’s (D-MN) husband has up to $1 million invested in a hedge fund based in Bermuda, a well-known tax haven. The Washington Free Beacon was the first to discover the investment, noting that the senator’s husband, Archie Smith, has an investment of possibly $1…

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Minnesota Dem Joe Radinovich Has History of 31 Traffic Offenses, Unpaid Fines

Democrat Joe Radinovich’s campaign is losing momentum after it was revealed that he has a 15-year history of traffic violations and dodging fines. In an August 5 Eyewitness News report, it was revealed that the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party candidate for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District has been cited for 31 different…

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Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidates Face Off in Heated Debate at State Fair

Gubernatorial candidates Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN-01) and Republican Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson squared off at the Minnesota State Fair Friday in their most heated debate yet. In front of a large crowd at the St. Paul fairgrounds, the two typically cordial candidates hurled an atypical number of accusations at…

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Roger Kimball Commentary: Burying the Dead With Bile-Filled Histrionics

by Roger Kimball   The big news last week revolved around the funerals of a 1960s pop singer and an unreliable Republican senator with a cult following among masochistic conservatives and cynical leftists eager to capitalize on his capacity to spread dissension among his nominal allies. I suppose the exploitation…

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Minnesota’s U.S. Senators Klobuchar and Smith Join Obstructionist Democrat Colleagues in Undermining SCOTUS Nomination Hearings

Tina Smith, Amy Klobuchar

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s first hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh got underway Tuesday, but some Democratic senators are already calling for its adjournment, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN). At the center of Tuesday’s chaotic start is a mountain of documents pertaining to the…

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