Ellison Accuser Releases Texts and Additional Medical Records After ‘Dishonest’ Debate, Threatens to Release More

Karen Monahan, the second woman to accuse Keith Ellison of domestic abuse, has released text messages and additional medical records supporting her allegations after claiming that the congressman was “not being honest” during Friday night’s debate.

Ellison, who is running for Minnesota attorney general, debated Republican opponent Doug Wardlow Friday night on live television, claiming Monahan fabricated the allegations against him.

“Let me tell you, that record was made a year after we broke up, and at a time when she was still—when she was essentially putting together the allegations she made two days before” the primary, Ellison said, revealing that he’s not sure if the investigation into his actions will conclude before November’s election.

Shortly after the debate, Monahan released a second medical record showing that she discussed the alleged abuse with a doctor on multiple occasions in 2017.

“Keith Ellison, you said the medical record was a year old. I released another that was six months before that one. I broke up with you in Jan. 2017 and have text to show that as well. You were dishonest about that,” Monahan tweeted Friday night.

Monahan then warned Ellison that the more “dishonest” he is, the most she “will share,” releasing an alleged text she sent to him discussing the abuse and the damage it has caused to her family.

“I sent this [text] to Keith in 2017 when I offered to have a convo about restorative justice. He responded that we discussed everything we need to. Here was my response,” she tweeted accompanied by a text showing that she brought the abuse up with him.

Monahan also threatened to release the video that she claims to have of the incident, suggesting that Ellison knows “I have the video and much more.”

“You were not being honest at the debate tonight. How much more do you want me to release? I have offered grace and restorative for year,” she added, saying it’s been “sad” to watch Ellison “take down his party, friends, and community for his own gain.”

“It is sad to see a person who can lie and hurt so many so easily, over and over. It is sad that he has so much pain inside that it manifest in hurting so many,” she continued. “It is not going away . The truth is the truth and Keith Ellison knows it. I am watching his lies slowly unfold.”

During the debate, Ellison was criticized by his opponent for calling the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party’s investigation “independent,” with Wardlow stating that it’s being conducted by his “friends and fellow party members.” In the latest poll, Ellison was leading Wardlow by five points.

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