Ellison Accuser Says DFL Betrayed Her, Attorney Attacks Investigation

Keith Ellison accuser Karen Monahan, who spent years as a volunteer for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party, said she has been betrayed by her former colleagues after taking her allegations public.

“The party that I worked to get elected since I was 21 has basically told my son, my family and me that our lives and voice do not matter,” she recently tweeted. “Protecting the powerful over the people, that’s politics.”

She went on to reveal that the “same attorney who was reported to bully Amy Alexander,” Ellison’s first accuser, attempted to accuse Monahan of blackmailing Ellison.

“Why would you defame my character? That is not the only way she has smeared me. This is wrong and does not help women report,” Monahan stated.

The tweets come just days after the DFL concluded its investigation into Ellison, which Monahan’s attorney discussed recently on Fox News.

“For her, this is about two things: it’s about her personal healing from a very damaging and victimizing relationship that she had for a number of years with Keith Ellison. Both emotional as well as physical abuse resulting out of the relationship,” attorney Andrew Parker said Thursday, saying Monahan simply wants to “shine a light” on abusive relationships.

Parker went on to criticize the DFL for concluding that the claims against Ellison are “unsubstantiated,” saying that there is “substantial corroborative evidence” in the DFL’s report.

“Even the investigator stated that Ms. Monahan not only testified credibly, but the witnesses she identified corroborated her story and they testified credibly, as well as documentary evidence that supports Ms. Monahan’s story,” Parker argued.

Like Monahan, Parker pointed out that his client’s “entire life has been to support the Democrat Party,” which is now endorsing Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General.

“You have to have corroborative evidence. She has more than enough, more than I have seen in virtually any other case,” Parker concluded.

Multiple local news outlets are now suing to unseal Ellison’s divorce records seeking any allegations of abuse, but on Friday Ellison’s attorney asked a judge to deny the motions.

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