Minnesota Democratic Staffer Calls for Execution of Republicans

A Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party staffer recently called for the execution of Republicans after Election Day, saying they should be brought “to the guillotines.”

William Davis, the DFL’s deputy communications director, made the comments on Facebook over the weekend in response to a friend’s post that encouraged Democrats to “take” their “country back” on Election Day.

“11.7-bring them to the guillotines,” Davis wrote, later deleting his Twitter account after his comments began to circulate on social media.

Republican attorney general candidate Doug Wardlow’s campaign released a statement in response to the incident, calling Davis’ comments “disgusting and appalling.”

“The call for decapitation of members of the Republican party has no place in our politics. This is a new low. William Davis has long been one of Keith Ellison’s prized attack dogs. Davis’ comments mirror similar rhetoric from Keith Ellison’s past,” said Kory Wood, a general consultant for the Wardlow campaign.

The statement went on to call for Davis’ termination from the DFL, saying “Chairman Ken Martin and Keith Ellison should rebuke these hateful and appalling comments towards Republicans.”

“Keith Ellison is the deputy chair of the hyper-partisan Democratic National Committee and they employ staffers who make these comments. Minnesota voters can see through their sham,” it concluded.

According to Associated Press reporter Kyle Potter, the DFL has spoken with Davis and called his comments “unacceptable.” Davis allegedly described the comments as a “poorly made inside joke among ex-co-workers.”

Similar behavior has been on the rise in Minnesota politics. Just last week, a Minnesota teacher resigned from her position after calling for the murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, while other Republicans in the state have been threatened at their homes—both over the phone and in person.

“We’re witnessing the 21st century version of the French Revolution. The French Revolution, as you recall, was about tearing down all institutions in France, destroying everything—marriage, contracts, money, government, property. Everything. In order to achieve what they called at the time social justice,” presidential historian Craig Shirley suggested in a recent Fox News interview.

He went on to point out the similarities in the behavior of the “modern left” and the French Revolution, saying Antifa and similar protest groups want to destroy “all fabrics of society.”

“I’m hoping we hide all the guillotines at this point,” host Laura Ingraham responded.

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “William Davis” by Democratic Farmer Labor Party at DFL.org.








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