Raheem Kassam Discusses the Truth and Key Players Behind the Transition Integrity Project


Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Raheem Kassam the co-host of War Room Pandemic to the show.

During the show, Kassam revealed the motivation and players of the Transition Integrity Project which is preparing with a league of lawyers to contest the 2020 election no matter how Trump wins and to ultimately instill a panel of bureaucrats that would decide election outcomes.

Fredericks: Joining us now, he’s becoming not only a radio star, but he’s a TV star and certainly has got the whole thing going. You got a TV show and got a radio show. And his TV show is on America’s Voice News, the National Pulse, and also War Room: Pandemic with Steve Bannon.

Kassam: I’m just going to follow in your footsteps by the way.

Fredericks: Ah, I know. Now tell me what time is the National Pulse TV show. It’s an hour right?

Kassam: Yes it’s an hour. We air at three pm in the afternoon eastern time and it’s online and on America’s Voice later on in the day as well to help out the other audiences in the other time zones, and to make sure the people don’t miss it in the middle of their workdays.

Fredericks: Where Steve was on the cutting edge of the impeachment you were on the cutting edge of this Transition Integrity Project. And one of the other things that you came out with on your Tweet and email is the number of lawyers the Biden campaign has hired in their so-called war room to challenge the election. Who are they, and more importantly, who is funding that? Can you give us a little detail on this?

Kassam: Absolutely, John. I just want to quickly start at the beginning as a recap for those who don’t know what the Transition Integrity Project is, or what the general thesis behind it is. Effectively the Democrats around the end of last year established this organization called the Transition Integrity Project. It was founded in part by The Open Society Institute.

The George Soros organization. No surprises there. They are used to doing things like this. And then another one of these sorts of international think tanks. But the McGruin Institute has a lot of links with the Chinese Communist Party. So we started to look into it in August when they started to pop out the news stories in The Atlantic, and The New York Times and who these people were and what their plans actually were.

And they are incredibly well-developed, even while the political right and the Republicans weren’t even considering in the result of a seriously-contested election. Now it’s very evident to us at this point in time that the Democrats do intend to contest the election whatever the result. Even if it’s a clean sweep for Trump on November 3rd.

If he won every single electoral college vote, they would contest the election. And that’s because they are operating on the basis that the electoral system in the United States is not fit for purpose. Those are their words. The Transition Integrity Project’s words. And they are incredibly well tied to the Democratic Party at the moment. So Rosa Brooks, who is the leader of the Transition Integrity Project, she has previously been the lead counsel for George Soros.

She has also worked with John Podesta and Jake Sullivan who is a leading Biden advisor. And we also found out through our investigations that a lot of the individuals mentioned in the Transition Integrity Project report are basically personal friends and acquaintances with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris staffers. This may come as no surprise to these people except for the fact that the media has been playing up this Transition Integrity Project as non-partisan for the past couple of months now.

Now they say it’s non-partisan, but at the same time, the entire organization is literally just packed to the gunnels with pro-Biden and pro-Democrat people. And what we revealed yesterday, after another week-long investigation into some of the donors and backgrounds of this, is actually the lead funder behind the Transition Integrity Project is an organization called the Protect Democracy Project. A lot of projects going on in D.C. apparently.

Now the Protect Democracy Project was founded literally right after President Trump won the election. So you are talking February of 2017. Right after the inauguration. They founded this organization, which is effectively set up to steal the next election. And it was set up by a chap named Ian Bassin. And probably nobody has heard of Ian Bassin but Barack Obama. Because Ian Bassin was Barack Obama’s former White House associate counsel.

One of the best jobs you can get in the White House. One of the closest proximities and one of the deepest trusts from the president’s side of things from his counsel. And this is the role that Ian Bassin plays. So we now know after a series of investigations that the Transition Integrity Project is run in part by that’s run by Bassin. Bassin reports to Obama.

And so the whole thing, as you’ve heard Steve Bannon say on the War Room before, it’s actually not just a Nullification Project of Trump’s win in 2016. It’s a rejuvenation project of the Obama administration. It’s the return to Barack Obama. And all the rest of the Democrats, whether it’s Kamala Harris or it’s Joe Biden, my personal belief is that they are just front faces for this coup that is going to be taking place from November the third. You asked about the number.

Well, there are two different things here. There is the Biden War Room. I don’t actually have many opinions on it myself. I’m really looking at the Biden War Room. I don’t think Biden himself and his campaign are all that relevant in this process, by the way. The one that really does intrigue me is the number that is coming out of the Transition Integrity Project.

There are 23 former senior Obama officials who are working with that multi-million dollar organization in order to steal the election after a Trump win on November the third. And I just think that if this was the political right doing this, John, it would be a major national scandal. CNN would be running investigations on it. Talking about the disdain for democracy these people have and how they refuse to accept the result on November the third. And meanwhile, you’ve got me talking to you in my living room. No harm to you and your audience. But you know what I’m saying.

Fredericks: No, right.

Kassam: The scale of this thing is such that you would imagine a major public backlash and outcry on this. Yet the media continues to call them a non-partisan group. And you know why, John? Because on November the fourth they intend to march these people to Capitol Hill and say these are the experts in democracies, transitions, and elections, and they are the non-partisan folks.

So we should have a series of hearings to decide who the next president is. We can no longer leave that up to the public, they’ll say. And you’ll have to look at one of the books that they cite in their report. It’s called Ballot Battles by Professor Edward Foley. It’s miserable. It’s an absolutely miserable book. I’m not cruel about academics that often, but Edward Foley should have his degree stripped from him.

He effectively talks about how the United States needs a new system or an electoral commission like Britain and France have, for instance. A series of bureaucrats who can decide what elections are legitimate and what aren’t. The reason I have caught on to all of this is because I recognized early on that the Transition Integrity Project was actually doing something that Gina Miller did in the United Kingdom after the Brexit vote to drag it through the courts to undo it.

And she was aided by the electoral commission. No one is non-partisan. Nobody is impartial. Everybody is a human being, and they have human reactions to things. And those can be partisan reactions. They can be partisan reactions,  philosophical reactions, and emotional reactions. So the idea that Edward Foley and the Transition Integrity Project is going to come up with next. This is a prediction by the way. They haven’t said it. I’m using air quotes. But there should be an impartial electoral commission to decide who won the vote in 2020.

And it’s not unheard of in the United States. They did this in 1876. They had a temporary electoral commission, which ended up hugely contested right up until a few days before the inauguration there was no clear cut president. And they came to a deal in the end and Hayes became president. But they want a permanent electoral commission, John. I don’t know about you, John, but it doesn’t sit well with me knowing that a handful of bureaucrats get to decide how much someone’s vote means.

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