Passionately Catholic: The Gift of Family

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

One of the most underrated career choices is motherhood.

Being a mother is more than a career, it’s a vocation. It’s actually a calling from God, the author of life. In today’s modern world, motherhood, fatherhood, and family life are often seen as optional choices to be made at the sole discretion of a woman or a man.

These essential vocations are rarely viewed as a calling from God. In fact, sometimes parenting is viewed as a burden on our daily life, on our budgets, and on our time. But this is far from the truth.

Children born to a loving mother and father our a gift to the family and to society. If raised in a household where parents are open to life where the family worships God, and where time is dedicated to the needs of each family member, love and charity will prevail.

When looking at happiness and joy in life, always turn to God and treasure the gifts god gives us, especially the gift of new life in your family.

I’m Suzy Kelly, and I am Passionately Catholic.



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