Passionately Catholic: Take Care of Your Soul

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

Did you know that you were made up of not only your body, but your soul as well? Each of us is a unique creation by God with a body and a soul. Let’s explore this for just a moment. We know we have a body because we can see it. But what about our soul? Even though we can’t see, feel, or touch it, we intuitively know that our thoughts and our feelings go beyond our bodies.

Our souls actually animate our bodies. It’s the part of us that really lives and can never die. Even after death, our soul lives on. Think about that. We spend a lot of time on this Earth taking care of our bodies that will eventually end up as dust.

The question is, how are you preparing your soul for eternity? Each one of us will determine the final resting place of our souls by how we live each day. Live each day doing God’s will, loving him and your neighbors as your eternal life depends on it. Start today living a life in obedience to God, to his church, and to his commandments so that your soul may find an eternal resting place of joy and happiness that is out of this world.

I’m Suzy Kelly, and I am passionately Catholic.






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