Dean of Liberty University’s School of Business Dave Brat Urges Those Who Don’t Have a Voice to Get One and Vote


Live from Virginia Thursday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed the Dean of Liberty’s School of Business Dave Brat to the show.

During the show, Brat weighed in on the importance of this year’s election by outlining the strategy of a Democratic-Marxist revolution and the immediate reality of America becoming a socialist country. He later compared and contrasted the big tech censorship in relation to the recently released New York Post story and the convoluted story by The Atlantic that provided zero verification.

Fredericks: Joining us now our good friend. Long time FOJ. Friend of John. A good friend of mine. The dean of the business school in Liberty University and former Congressman Dave Brat. Dave great to have you.

Brat: Hey, trucking the truth thanks, John. Great job.

Fredericks: Thanks Dave I love it when you say this. There’s some ring to it when you say that. (Laughter) So Dave let’s get to the Seventh District. I mean what do you think? Is Freitas going to pull this out? Spanberger’s outspending him like eight to one. What do you think?

Brat: Yeah well and I know you introduced me as Liberty and I just want to make it clear that I’m not speaking on behalf of any institution today. This is just me. But yeah I think Nick can do it with the presidential coattails getting out the vote. And it’s like you said if the Republicans show up we win. Last time not enough folks showed up. I think they thought we might win and stayed home. But now it’s just crucial.

The Democrat Party, the most striking thing for me is they got rid of God-language in their platform. Altogether no God-language. And the last guy that did that was Karl Marx. And so it’s a little interesting that we got you to know violence in the streets in Richmond, Virginia right now. And it’s built into the academy. There’s no God in schools. There are no ethics in schools.

There’s no respect for the Constitution, much less for elders. And so things are falling apart. And I cannot believe that modern Americans across you know all parties don’t share these basic values anymore. It’s shocking to me and it’s scary. So Republicans and all folks who believe in the country and freedom, you better get out before we lose it. It’s one generation away. Always.

Fredericks: You know Dave the real question is maybe there’s an undercurrent of Trump voters and people that do believe what you’re saying and that don’t want to see us go to a socialist country. You know it’s amazing early on in this debate last year I remember the president saying you know, I’ll never let America be socialist.

And I remember laughing at that and saying oh come on President Trump you got to be kidding me. I mean that’s like ridiculous right? It’s like saying oh we’re not going to let the Communist Party-USA win. They’re getting a half a percent of that vote. That was about 18 months ago. I mean today if they win and take over the Senate this will be a socialist country. How did this move so quickly in a year? Like what the hell happened?

Brat: Yeah well the Left has unleashed it all. I mean they know this is a turning point. AOC and the team turned it on and they want a revolution. And the point of a revolution for the Marxist’s is just the revolution itself. That is the point. There’s no principle they believe in. There are no institutions they believe in. And I just want to bring up a little detail. The Richmond Times Dispatch since I’m talking to your audience.

They wrote you know there were those ads about Spanberger working for the Islamic radical school. And The Richmond Times Dispatch just put out again that I put out those ads. I didn’t put out those ads. So number one they’re wrong on the news. That Patrick guy that works there is just the worst journalist in the world and he misreported stuff intentionally.

But that was Paul Ryan and the group. And they probably put those out to hurt me because the average American two and a half years ago couldn’t believe it to be true. Like there’s no way that could be true. Well, it was true. And then the paper said well she was vetted by the CIA so that proves everything. Well if you notice who the head of the CIA is he just got busted a couple of weeks ago.

Fredericks: Brennan.

Brat: And his background with Islamic terrorism and communism and whatever is well established. Brennan. And so I mean it is just shocking that the American minds and the suburbs, they can’t comprehend this could be real. But they don’t do any homework to establish the facts. And so you know some of the groups are probably trying to hurt Nick on the Republican side.

I had the some of the establishment folks in Richmond working against me. Now the streets are torn up. They said I was wearing a tinfoil hat. And you know this believing in the Constitution and freedom’s over overcooked. You know you’re overcooking it, Dave. And I’m like I don’t think so. Turns out all the leaders, all these elitist blue blood leaders in Richmond were dead wrong. And the American people with a gut that work for a living were right. And they don’t have a voice. And so it’s crucial folks get out there. If you don’t have a voice get a voice. This is your chance to vote.

Fredericks: Well we’ve only got one chance because you know Dave we’ve all talked about how high the stakes are but what we talk about is real. I mean if the Democrats win this election and they take over the Senate or tie it, all they need is it is the tie-up and they need plus three seats. You’ll have a Democratic Senate in perpetuity because they’ll annex at the statehood Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico giving them four senators so they’ll have a majority into perpetuity. They’ll gerrymander congress for the House in perpetuity. They’ll pack the judgeships. We got what none of the Supreme Courts now and they’ll increase it to 13. They’ll add four and they’ll have that in perpetuity. And it’s over. I mean you have no way back. There’s no way back.

Brat: No that’s right. And the American people have been miseducated and undereducated on civics for 20 years. So you know all the kids they want to believe in racial justice. Well of course. We all do. But this country is the model of it. It ain’t perfect because if they haven’t read the Bible they don’t know that humanity has fallen. So we can rise but we’re always going to have failures.

But when they don’t know that when they’re being told to lie by the Marxists, hey just trust us and give up your human rights. I’m not sure that people know this. Marx said no God. There’s no such thing as rights. There’s no such thing as human rights. There’s no such thing as civil rights for uh minorities in Marxism. If you didn’t know that folks you better pay attention.

And then they promise you hey just give us power. Which is what they want. Like you just said they’re lining up power. And then guess what happens? The elite reign it and lord it over everybody and they soak up all the wealth. And you’ve got the most massive inequality of wealth in communist countries. The most inequality of power in communist countries. Not here in the US of A where everybody’s got a shot. And so it’s all on the line coming up here.

Fredericks: I want to talk about Twitter and Facebook and the fact that there they squashed this New York Post report yesterday with emails that came out detailing Hunter and Joe Biden and their relationship. The secret meetings they had with Burisma executives in Ukraine. These were emails that were on his computer. By the way, he dropped his computer off and I guess got drunk or something. I don’t know. I don’t know what happened.

He dropped it off and forgot to pick it up. So after a period of time, somebody leaked it all. They’re all verified. First, the Biden campaign says well the meeting never happened it’s not in the official log. Well, then we find out there’s a whole bunch of meetings he had that is not in the official log. Then they backtrack and they said well yeah he had a meeting but it was short. So first he didn’t have a meeting. Then he had a meeting. Now the meeting is short.

And there’s no press conference. And now we find out somebody in his inner circle has COVID and so he’s probably going to say today he’s got a quarantine in the basement for the next 19 days until this is over. I wanna get your take here. Trump yesterday on Twitter and Facebook saying that they take down negative posts about Biden before they even go up. The censorship of Big Tech is frightening. And you saw it yesterday.

I mean the simplest thing with the fake news magazine The Atlantic published a story about disparaging comments that Trump made against troops which was verified by no one. No sources come forward. 25 people that were there with the president in France that were there with him the whole time said he never said that. And yet that story trends number one on Twitter even though it was not verified. The New York Post story which is emails that came from Hunter Biden’s computer that are completely verified, they take that down and said it’s not verified.

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