Passionately Catholic: How Much Prayer Do I Need?

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

Someone once asked St. Francis de Sales how much time should be spent each day in prayer. Francis responded that he wants you to devote at least 30 minutes each day to prayer. The man was dismayed by this answer and explained that he was really busy. The saint said to him, “In that case you need to spend an hour each day in prayer.”

Each day, we set aside time for things that are important to us and things that are necessary. Eating, sleeping, and grooming are necessary activities that we engage in every day. Generally we don’t put these things in our calendars. We wake up each day, brush our teeth hopefully, have a cup of coffee, and so goes each morning routine. But do we consider praying an essential function to start and include in our daily life?

With the stress and uncertainty each day brings, we need the Lord to help carry us through the day. Maybe you’re a tough guy who doesn’t believe he needs any help, but you’ll find great joy and peace if you keep the Lord with you in prayer throughout the day. Try including God and conversing with him every day. He’s a great listener and he answers every prayer.

I’m Suzy Kelly, and I’m passionately Catholic.






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