Senior Correspondent for Real America’s Voice Heather Mullins Reports Disorganization and Sketchy Details on the Ground in Georgia Counting


Live from Atlanta Thursday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Senior Correspondent for Real America’s Voice to the show to discuss the mess she discovered on the ground in Fulton County, Georgia and the uncounted votes tossed aside with either no or peculiar bipartisan oversight.

Fredericks: Joining us right now without further ado. she’s lives in I think Woodstock, Georgia which is in Cherokee County right now covering all this stuff. Heather Mullins is a senior correspondent for Real America’s Voice and she’s with us now. Heather, great to have you on the John Fredericks Radio Network.

Mullins: Great to be on the network. I wish I could say that you know the election was going smooth and I have nothing to report but unfortunately that’s not the case. And that’s why the president re-Tweeted my recent video of the Floyd County recount. So a lot going on there. I guess I’ll just jump right in. As you know the hand count turned up what they thought was going to be approximately 2,700 or so ballots that were uncounted that the machine didn’t pick up on.

But after a more thorough audit, the number was actually 3,055. So basically what that means is 3,055 people in this one precinct went in and cast the vote for either Trump or Biden or even Jorgensen there was a few of those and their votes weren’t counted in the election. And if it weren’t for this hand count that they had to do those votes still wouldn’t be counted. which is absolutely unacceptable. And every American whether you’re Republican or Democrat should be concerned about that.

Fredericks: You were in one precinct yesterday or one county I’m sorry where again we found these votes that weren’t counted. There’s only one poll watcher per ten tables six feet away. So at best you can get eight to ten percent of what is going on. How many more of these are out there Heather?

Mullins: It’s hard to say. When I was there the day before yesterday that wasn’t their hand count. they’d already completed their hand count. I was actually at the Fulton County hand count which was a disaster. In fact like I have a video of one person counting by himself at the table and they’re supposed to be two. And you know I also down in Fulton had a chance to talk with Rick Barron which is their election director and asked him, who are all these workers?

And they’re Fulton County workers. They’re not bipartisan counters. I’ve seen some media organizations and papers putting out there that there was one Republican and one Democrat at each table counting. That was not the case. And I actually have Rick Barron in a statement when I asked him whose decision was it to choose Fulton County workers over bipartisan counters?

And he basically said it was about the cost. That it was an expensive endeavor to do this recount. And for me, I’m thinking well you’re telling me you can’t get 125 volunteer Democrats and 125 volunteer Republicans in the largest county in Georgia
to count? I mean none of it is making any sense for me throughout my investigation in any county.

Fredericks: All right so what are you investigating today Heather Mullins?

Mullins: So today actually I’m going back out to Floyd County. There’s a board meeting now. Some breaking news for me, GOP chair Luke Martin actually dropped the bomb on me yesterday that Robert Brady he’s the election supervisor for Floyd County where these 3,055 votes just miraculously were not counted and there’s still no concrete explanation despite two Dominion software techs being present all day troubleshooting.

Yesterday nobody had any answers. Robert Brady though was MIA yesterday. He was not there. And this poor guy John Scott who’s a board member got thrown in and had to like completely figure out what was going on. And did the best he could. Very transparent. But Robert Brady supposedly has been quarantining since right after they announced a hand count.

Well, Luke Martin dropped the bomb on me yesterday that Robert Brady along with a Dominion rep who he said the first name was Eric. He couldn’t recall the last name, conducted all of the in-person scannings of the ballots on election day and it was observed by members of the public and monitors. However, those two did not have observers when they scanned the absentee and early voting in which is basically the source of these uncounted ballots. So the argument now is that it couldn’t possibly be a human error because one of the two people scanning in is a software expert for that company.

Fredericks: Heather that’s unbelievable. So this idea that these are just glitches was no way this was a glitch because they had the software there. They just saw too many Trump ballots and didn’t bother to count them is what you’ve uncovered right?

Mullins: Yeah and so actually when I was there during the original investigation nobody could reach Robert Brady by phone. So even though he was allegedly quarantining people were still trying to reach him by phone and he wouldn’t answer anybody’s calls. And so that for me was like okay a little sketchy here but there’s actually a board meeting today at 12 pm in Floyd County. And reports of whether or not Robert Brady is going to be there, they’re unsure of. But supposedly the board could be moving to fire him.

Fredericks: Oh man you got to ask yourself. Heather Mullins first of all great work for going out there. Do you know what the problem is today? I’m just going to do a sidebar in complimenting Heather Mullins who I was with last night on a TV show with Dr. Gina Loudon on Real America’s Voice. I think it was at seven o’clock and my jaw dropped because look Heather, I’m in this business and I’m one of the only people any more that actually goes out. I mean this has turned into a lazy person’s business. I mean Tweets and you know they just gather stuff from videos and they do Zoom calls and nobody’s got the energy. Nobody cares.

They don’t go out and investigate anything. Veritas does certainly but the fake news legacy media, they just don’t do it. I mean you went out there and you busted your butt and went out there and you know drove all over the creation of Floyd County in Rome and look what you’re uncovering. And the question’s got to be for everybody oh my god what this is little Floyd County in Rome, Georgia. How many more of these are out there that no one is scrutinizing? How many? That’s the question.

Mullins: No. I mean already I can confirm three counties. We have Fayette County, Walton County, and Floyd County those 100 percent unlike undeniably have uncounted votes. And when you put the three of them together you’re looking at over 5,700 votes in just those three counties. And that’s just uncounted votes.

That’s not even diving into these allegations that some votes were illegal votes or you know what I mean? So like when you’re looking at the overall numbers there’s just so much at play here and for and for Brad Raffensperger I believe are they’re supposed to be moving to certify the results I think today because the deadline was last night at midnight.

Fredericks: How could you certify anything? This is not an audit. They’re not doing an audit. I mean had you not been there I mean this might have gotten swept under the carpet. You would have no idea.

Mullins: No. Not at all. and that’s where for me it just seems like there’s some foul play on the part of the Secretary of State. And I hate calling these things. but they’re not acknowledging all of these things. and they’re blaming everything on human error.  I heard them saying that the Floyd County issue was a memory card issue.

But when I was there and I specifically asked the Dominion tech in the room with the election board member in the room, was this a memory card issue? Both of them said no. We can roll that out. So you know any idea or anyone claiming that it was, oh it was a memory card that wasn’t uploaded. Totally fake news. And actually speaking of fake news there was a woman there, I cannot recall what network she was but she did her little hit.

She had a cameraman. And she was reading into her microphone or reading her little notepad talking into the microphone and she said it was a memory cared issue there in Floyd County. And I looked at these three other reporters standing with me in the hallway and I was like, did anyone hear them confirm that it was a memory card issue? And they were like, no…

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Photo “Heather Mullins” by Heather Mullins. Background Photo “Georgia Capital” by andre m. CC BY-SA 3.0.







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