Supreme Court Rules Against Counting Illegal Immigrants for Congressional Redistricting

by Kaylee Greenlee


The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to President Donald Trump’s plan to not include illegal immigrants living in the U.S. in the count to determine congressional districts, Reuters reported Friday.

The court ruled 6-3 against a lawsuit attempting to block Trump’s plan to exclude illegal immigrants from the count, Reuters reported.

The ruling said “judicial resolution of this dispute is premature” because the Trump administration’s plans are unclear, Reuters reported.

“At present, this case is riddled with contingencies and speculation that impede judicial review,” the ruling said, according to Reuters. The court was not considering the merit of Trump’s plan to keep illegal immigrants from counting towards the total.

Challengers claimed the Trump administration’s plan would weaken the political representation of several Democratic states with a large number of undocumented immigrant residents, Reuters reported.

“If the administration actually tries to implement this policy, we’ll sue. Again. And we’ll win,” a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union Dale Ho said, Reuters reported.

The Trump administration has not said how it will calculate the number of illegal immigrants it will exclude or which subsets of immigrants will be excluded, Reuters reported.

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