Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase on D.C. Rally: ‘It Was Very Heartwarming’


State Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) was present at the Washington, D.C. rally on Wednesday morning, and she told The Virginia Star that it was a historic day after historic voter fraud.

“It was very heartwarming,” Chase said. “The people that were there, they were good people. They were patriots, they love their country, they were there to peacefully show support. They weren’t there for destructive purposes at all.”

Chase spoke to the crowd a few hours before Congress began considering certificates of electors for president.

“We are here today to stand with President Donald J. Trump, and we are here to be a sign of encouragement to the U.S. Senators and members of Congress that have to make a very important decision today. We are asking them to openly contest this election which we know was stolen from the people of the United States of America,” she told the crowd.

She described the rally to The Star: “It was an incredible turnout. I was even trying to get as close as I could, but it was just packed with people from all over: Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, a lot of people from Maryland and Pennsylvania,” Chase said. “A lot of patriots, very peaceful, I felt safe there. I really did not see any anti-protesters except for one guy with a megaphone towards the end as we were leaving as President Trump was completing his remarks.”

As the day progressed, Chase’s security team told her it was time to leave, but Chase continued following reports of the events.

“We saw on the TV where they had actually, at [that] point, broken into the Capitol, we were watching while that was going on. The last we saw the members were asked to put on their gas masks, and we heard that a shot had been fired,” Chase said.

“It was a pretty wild experience, and I’m very glad that I went,” she said. “We watched the proceedings over the joint session of Congress. I’m very disappointed with Vice President Mike Pence and I’m appreciative to Senator Cruz for offering his remarks.”

Chase said she supported the protestors entering the Capitol building, where legislators were considering the electors. Chase said the media misrepresented what was happening, and that the protestors were non-destructive and peaceful.

“The law-abiding citizens own the Capitol. We, the people, own the building and the structure. Our taxpayer money built those structures there, and yes, there are guidelines, and you know, all of that. But we’re in a situation right now where the government has gone a step too far in my opinion. These are very trying times right now, because it’s not just another election.”

Chase said, “I do support peaceful protest, they have not fired a weapon, they have not done anything. They have tried to gain access to their Capitol, and they have been kept out. That’s the problem. We have a tyrannical government that is excluding people from the process. Let them participate. Let them be on the front row.”

She noted that the rally in D.C. demonstrates that there are two sides of the Republican Party.

“We have weak-kneed Republicans and we have firebrand Republicans. Firebrand Republicans stand up to tyrannical trifecta that we see even in Richmond, we’re now going to see that in the nation’s capital. And they’re going to remember those of us who stood up and showed up.”

Chase is running for the Republican nomination for Governor of Virginia. She drew a contrast between herself and the other Republican gubernatorial candidate Delegate Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights.)

“Kirk Cox is part of that problem,” Chase said. “People are tired of career politicians that go along to get along, that work with the tyrants. Kirk Cox is more of a Mitt Romney and a Mitch McConnell-type Republican. He really does not represent the interest, desires and the voice of the people, and I believe that they believe I do. Today is just a great example of the differences in the two Republicans that are running for Governor of Virginia.”

Cox joined other Virginia Republicans criticizing the events at the capital. “I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the violent rioting and destruction happening in Washington D.C. These events are in no way justified or excusable,” Cox said in a statement.

“Amanda Chase has proven to Virginians that she does not stand by the United States Constitution or our representative democracy, instead on whatever stance fits her narrative in the moment. By her failure to condemn today’s events, she’s proven to be the antithesis of a conservative,” Cox’s Press Secretary Kristen Bennett told The Star.

In his release, Cox added, “The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of our republic, key to the ongoing and sustainable success of a representative government. The reality is that Joe Biden is set to become the next President of the United States under our Constitution. The lawless actions taken today are an affront to that process and, therefore, an affront to the republic.”

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Digital Network.  Email tips to [email protected].
Background Photo “Trump Supporters” by Amanda Chase.







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4 Thoughts to “Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase on D.C. Rally: ‘It Was Very Heartwarming’”

  1. Loretta Reeves

    Thank you Senator Amanda Chase, R-VA for standing up for WE THE PEOPLE of US and VA. I admire your courage and boldness to speak out for all of us. I am from Virginia and I and many will support you for Governor. You are certainly not anything like the weak-kneed, cowardly GOP politicians we currently have in VA and US Senate.

  2. Reggi

    This so called elected official has lost her mind. Forceful entry of a Federal Building is a crime. Urinating in offices, desecration of items, and breaking windows was in plain view. What kind of Narcotics are you on. You need to resign and seek therapy.

    1. Loretta Reeves

      Stand down. She is courageous. Besides the ones who forced their way into the Capitol Bldg and did damage were ANTIFA & PAID FACTIONS! Patriot Trump supporters were invited in by Capitol Officers on video and/or followed the violent group in attempting to stop their destruction.

  3. LaTrelle Baker

    There was absolutely nothing heartwarming about yesterday’s event. It was a disgrace and extremely heartbreaking. It showed that we have two different Americas not two different Republican parties. Amanda Chase and all Trump cronies called those who protested for Black Lives Matters “thugs, criminals, terrorists” but the ingrates who took siege upon the Capitol “special people”. What world are they living in? That is clear demonstration of racism at best. I am a Chesterfield County resident and Amanda Chase does not represent me nor does she speak for me. She has shown she does not stand for me or with me. As a matter of fact, she disgust me as a human being and she should be removed from office. If she decides to run for Governor, rest assured she WILL NOT GET MY VOTE!