Passionately Catholic: Becoming a Super Spreader of the Gospel

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

There’s much concern in today’s COVID world about containing the virus and avoiding the spread. We are told to wear our masks in public, to keep at least six feet between us and to avoid crowds. If we all comply, we will not contract the virus, or so we’re told.

The fear of this contagion has been embedded in our every breath. We’re told if we don’t comply, we may be a super spreader. Imagine, being ground zero for the spreading of this virus to many others at one event, not masking, not social distancing and socializing within a crowded event.

This is the kind of popularity that most of us want to avoid. But the good news is that the Lord wants us to be super spreaders of another kind. He wants us to be super spreaders of his word and the message of his gospel. That’s right. Become a super spreader of gospel. To do this, you must know the Lord and his word intimately. This requires daily reading of sacred scripture and prayer. Become one of the Lord’s super spreaders today.

I’m Suzy Kelly and I am Passionately Catholic.

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