Passionately Catholic: Prepare for Spiritual Combat

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

Ever wonder why Christian voices are often not welcome in the public square?

We’ve seen lawsuits against bakers who refuse to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples. We’ve also witnessed the removal of Christian prayer invoking the name of Jesus at public events.

Why is there so much opposition to Christian values in our secular society? In a culture that seems to promote tolerance, there seems to be no tolerance for Christian values, prayer in the public square or religious freedom.

The answer may simply be that our society now holds the government as the final arbiter of morality. Therefore, the government determines thoughts and behaviors that are acceptable or unacceptable and makes laws to support their authority.

However, the faithful answer to a higher authority, the final judge, Jesus Christ. Our call is to obedience to his word, his commandments and the teachings of his church.

We are in a spiritual battle. It is time for each one of us to prepare for spiritual combat, and it’s time to put on the armor of Christ and defend our faith, our church and our Lord.

I’m Suzy Kelly and I am passionately Catholic.






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