Radio Host John Federicks Announces Statewide Bus Tour for Upcoming Virginia Elections


As the state’s elections draw closer, John Fredericks announced that he will host a statewide bus tour to speak to candidates and voters in Virginia.

The tour comes as numerous polls have demonstrated that the elections are expected to be decided by a small margin.

One poll from Monmouth University showed Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin tied at 46 percent in the state’s gubernatorial election.

An additional survey from Emerson College & Nexstar Media supported the findings of the Monmouth poll, with both candidates tied at 49 percent.

In addition to the close race for governor, many local and state legislature races will likely come down to voter engagement and turnout.

“Talk is cheap. Play the game. It’s time for Republicans in Virginia to stop whining and start winning. A Youngkin win in Virginia on Tuesday stops the Biden agenda in its tracks. I’m doing this marathon bus tour around the Commonwealth to help engage our Trump vote base and to give a voice to the voiceless. If America First deplorables turn out in record numbers, Youngkin will win and we can change the course of history in America. Action action action! Let’s leave nothing on the field, in the immortal words of Al Davis: Just win, baby,” said Fredericks, who is also the publisher and editor-in-chief The Virginia Star.

During the tour, Fredericks will host numerous candidates for the House of Delegates and local offices in an effort to encourage voters to cast a ballot in the election.

The Take Back Virginia Bus Tour will have more than 13 stops and end in Northern Virginia on election night.

Loudoun County has been the center of demonstrations from parents against various school policies. Previously, hundreds of concerned parents in the county showed up a school board meeting to demonstrate their objection to teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) and multiple policies regarding transgender students in the school system.

However, the members immediately shut down discussion. Many parents continued to object, and at least two of the worried parents were arrested.

Additionally, a report from The Daily Wire detailed that a student was sexually assaulted in the girls’ bathroom. The father of the student claimed that the school district attempted to hide the incident.

A complete list of dates and locations for the events can be found here.

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John Fredericks is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Virginia Star.
He was also a Trump 2020 delegate and the chairman of the Trump Virginia Delegation.

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