Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Kari Lake Vows to Defend Parents, Kids Against Leftwing Teachers

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, covered Arizona GOP gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake’s May 12, 2022, in front of the statehouse in Phoenix, where Lake unveiled her education policy.

Lake promised to reform the state’s curriculum to line up with the 1776 program developed by Hillsdale College and to stand with parents against the leftwing teachers indoctrinating their children.

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McCabe: Parents across the country are awakening to how left-wing teachers are indoctrinating their kids. Here in front of the Arizona State House, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told parents she sides with them.

Lake said, ‘We all kind of became home schools is for a brief period of time during COVID, when our kids were sent home, the schools went to Zoom classes and we had to listen to what was being taught. And for some of us, it was a real shocker. We want a curriculum that makes sense. We want a curriculum that sets our kids up for success.’

McCabe: Lake said she and other parents tuned into the left-wing indoctrination during the COVID-19 Zoom schooling. The candidate said she would reform the state’s curriculum in line with the program developed by Hillsdale College.

Lake said, ‘I believe in the Hillsdale College curriculum. (Cheers) No more CRT-based indoctrination of our kids. We will not have it anymore. Arizona will align our state standards to the excellent and well-balanced Hillsdale College 1776 curriculum.’

McCabe: In addition to the left-wing indoctrination, Lake told the parents she is also worried about the sexualization of classroom instruction.

Lake said, ‘No grooming of our children. (Cheers) We don’t want sex education for our kindergarteners. We don’t want them learning about different genders when they’re young. We want our kids to be kids. And sometimes I wonder if the people pushing this nonsense even have children of their own.’

McCabe: The former anchor for Phoenix’s Fox Ten. Got her most enthusiastic reaction when she gave her policy on masks and vaccines.

Lake said, ‘When I’m governor, there will be no more cobalt closures, no more masks on our beautiful children’s faces. (Cheers) And we will not require our children to have a COVID shot. An experimental shot that has not been vetted. We will not force our teachers to get those shots either.’

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network Neil W. McCabe Phoenix, Arizona.

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