Conservative Talker Steve Gill Discusses Who’s Up, Who’s Down, and the State of the ‘Blue Wave’ Come November

Steve Gill

On Friday’s Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville, conservative pundit and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill reflected on the players and issues influencing Tennessee’s candidates running for high office, and the important role the Volunteer State has to play on the national stage heading into November.

“Bob Corker is not popular in Tennessee,” he said with a chuckle, as he described the political ‘field of play’ less than thirty days from primary election day.

He continued:

Donald Trump is very popular.

President Trump announced today that he is going to be narrowing his list of 5 potential supreme court justices to about 5 choices. He may interview a couple of the next few days, but he plans to name his pick by July 9th, so we won’t have to wait long for the real war over that Supreme Court confirmation process to move ahead.

Again, you have Marsha Blackburn making it clear that she will back a conservative, constitutionalist Supreme Court pick that Donal Trump nominates.

And you’ve got Phil Bredensen, trying to kind of marginalize on the edges pretending that he might actually support a conservative that Donald Trump would pick, but nobody seriously believes that.  I don’t even think Phil Bredensen believes that.

In any event, the president will be making his pick shortly.

I’m telling you that in Tennessee, President Trump remains remarkably popular. And the question will be whether his personal popularity can translate to the candidates he endorses.

Whether it’s congressional candidates around the country, whether it’s senatorial candidates, Donald Trump has already been here in Tennessee, embracing Marsha Blackburn.  He’s gonna be back, his family members are gonna be back.  You’re likely to see Vice President Pence coming in and others to help make sure that this seat stays in Republican hands.  This Supreme Court battle helps provide the impetus that hopefully we’ll mobilize and energize that Republican base in Tennessee.

‘The Resistance’ is failing. A vast majority of Democrats, according to a new poll, do not want ICE abolished.  The Democrats are pushing getting rid of the immigration customs agency enforcement process all together, which is tasked among other things, keeping illegals out and deporting the ones who are here.

The Democrats have been pushing for the absolute abolishment of ICE and yet democrats aren’t buying into that, Republicans aren’t.  A new Harvard Harris poll reveals that an overwhelming majority of Democrat voters say that they do not want ICE abolished. Sixty percent don’t want ICE abolished. So, the Democrats aren’t even winning with their own supporters.

This may actually be a red wave before we’re done.

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