Raheem Kassam on BLM and Antifa: This is How You Establish Tyranny in the Long Run, Through Fear


Live from Virginia Wednesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host John Fredericks welcomed political activist, media personality and co-host of  War Room Pandemic, Raheem Kassam to the show.

During the show, Kassam gave his perspective of the riots and protests Wednesday evening in Washington, D.C. pointing out how both BLM and Antifa operate in the same way. He explained that they have no clear political message, yet are using fear to gain money and, in the long run, establish a tyranny.

Fredericks: Raheem is the co-host of War Room Pandemic. And that’s on 10 to noon. And he also has his own show on America’s Voice News. Raheem great to have you with us, man.

Kassam: Hey John thank you for having me.

Fredericks: Let’s start with what happened last night in D.C. What’s the deal there? Do you have any information on it?

Kassam: As you say there are two sides to this story. One side is that the DC Police were in pursuit of somebody, and that person pulled out a firearm, and the police responded to that. And the response to pulling out a firearm, especially if you are pointing it at a police officer or pointing it at any member of the public, is that you are going to get shot.

You are going to get dealt with in pretty short order. There are all sorts of police departments trying new ways to deal with things like that with all of this that’s taking place right now. But as it stands I think that all of the reasonable people in the world understand that if you are pointing a firearm and there is a police officer nearby that will be the response.

Now the protesters or the rioters, depending on what you want to call them, are disputing that. They aren’t offering a full side of the story on their side. They are just saying police lie. In fact, the Black Lives Matter organization for the DMV, which is a verified organization on Twitter, sent out a message immediately in the aftermath of what happened yesterday without any bodycam footage released.

Without any explanations. But they sent out a Tweet that said do not believe the police. The police lie.  Now, that’s a very knee-jerk reaction. I think it goes to the heart of what the President said the other day. Remember President  Trump John said that Black Lives Matter has been bad for black people. And I think this was the sort of thing he was getting at.

Without taking a step back and assessing what’s going on. Without figuring out what the bodycam footage shows, people stormed this police station last night in Southeast Washington, D.C. And you probably know D.C. better than I do.

But for me, that goes right to the heart of what the president was talking about, because if and when this transpired and this person was pointing a gun at police or pointing a gun in front of the police or around police officers, then what rationale could there possibly be for these protesters to say oh that’s racist.

Because I would expect the same response regardless of your race or color or anything else. Remember, John, these men and women are on tinder hooks constantly right now because of what’s going on. But this is by design of course. This is what the left wanted to achieve with this unrest.

Fredericks: Well it’s backfiring on them now politically isn’t it? We just had Scott Rasmussen on a few moments ago. He has a stunning poll out that says basically well over 50% that he polled are afraid, they fear for their safety, that the mobs and the rioters and the looters are going to come to their town. That’s a stunning number. That’s over 50%. It was 30% of Democrats who are fearing the mobs are coming to their city. I couldn’t believe that number. This whole thing is backfiring on them, isn’t it? Politically?

Kassam: Right. It depends on what you think the aim is here. If the aim is political power it certainly isn’t going well for them. But if the aim is fear-mongering then it’s going extremely well. Here’s the thing.

Fredericks: Right.

Kassam: There are various elements, and I don’t interchange some of these groups. But Black Lives Matter and Antifa are effectively one in the same right now.

They operate within the same confines and within the same streets and within the same vague leadership roles. They operate with the same initiative and the same activities. They want the same end goals at the moment. So they are one in the same. If you look at what they are trying to achieve there is no coherent political plan. They’ve got something.

They’ve got defund the police. Then it was restructuring the police. Then it was let’s have reforms for certain things. There is no clear political plan. So I struggle to believe that they are looking for political capital. What they are looking for is fear.

They are looking to incite fear. And what is fear bringing them? Well, fear brings them corporate backing. Fear brings them donations. Fear brings them the people who are putting signs in their windows agreeing with these people because they don’t want their property smashed. And in the long run, this is how you establish a tyranny which is through fear.

Fredericks: You know the way you put that I never really thought about it that way. But the fear is bringing the money. You look at the number of corporate companies. It’s a billion-dollar operation. All that money coming from institutional corporations in the US is kind of stunning. I’m done with the NBA. I just can’t take it anymore.

The last game I watched they came out in BLM shirts and got it painted on the side of the basketball arena. When I first started watching baseball the first week it was painted on the back of the mounds. Then you go to the Black Lives Matter website and it’s basically anarchy. And you just scratch your head. But now I understand it the way you are presenting this, Raheem. It’s about fear. Fear gets you money, right?

Kassam: It gets you an awful lot of money. I have the same exact feeling with the sport I follow, which is the English Premier League. And when it re-started in the beginning of the summer my team walks out with Black Lives Matter on their shirts instead of the player names. What is an English soccer team based in the Northwest of England have anything to do with the Black Lives Matter protests going on in the United States? Well, it’s corporate.

It’s corporate interest. And it’s this corporate environment that we are living in. It’s harder today to find a product from a company that doesn’t support Black Lives Matter than it is to find a product that isn’t made in China. That’s the ludicrous nature of the situation we are in.

Fredericks: Raheem you have a new TV show. I want to get to that. And then about the president retweeting you. You have a new TV show on America’s Voice News. Tell us about that. What time is it? How did it come to be? Where do you do it? Give us the whole background.

Kassam: Thank you, John. The National Pulse is the website that we do news investigation stories. We are not a full-service news site. We are a news site that specifically functions to highlight issues that the rest of the media doesn’t know about. And that’s going to be the subject of our conversation in a second I think. The National Pulse turned into more media content.

We started doing more podcast content. We started doing more online content. More video content on Twitter and Facebook. And it just occurred to me, well why aren’t we turning this into a show. So I went to America’s News Voice, which is one of the fastest-growing companies, let alone in the media industry, but companies in the entire country at the entire moment based on their viewership numbers, subscriber rates and how many homes they are in now.

And I said look, we have all of this exclusive investigative new content. Why don’t we do an hour a day for you? And they said, we’ll give you a shot. And so at 3 p.m. every day on America’s Voice Network, Channel 219. And it’s live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook Live and other places as well.

It’s an hour’s worth of deep dive of some of the topics that you might cover on your show and we might cover on War Room, and we dedicate one hour on one particular topic. We’ve had Congressman Jim Banks yesterday. We had Jack Brewer after his RNC speech as guests on the show so far. So it’s going incredibly well. As I say it’s on America’s Voice at 3 p.m., and it’s an hour of those nuggets you hear on the radio, or the news, or podcasts that you say, I wish they went longer dissecting and explaining that.

Fredericks: Extremely interesting. The National Pulse show, Raheem Kassam, that is 3 p.m. Eastern and that is on America’s Voice News. If you want to get that it’s not carried on our radio network. If you want to get that it’s really easy. All you have to do is download America’s Voice News app on any of your devices. And there he’ll be when you turn it on and click on it every day from 3-4 p.m.

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