Steve Gill Commentary: Anti-Trump, Liberal Extremist Tom Steyer Donated $5400 to So-Called ‘Moderate Democrat’ Phil Bredesen

Tom Steyer, Phil Bredesen

Phil Bredesen is hoping to convince Tennessee voters, who overwhelming supported President Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, that he is not one of “those kind” of Democrats that are out of step with Tennessee values and issues. He has attempted to distance himself from his donations TO liberal Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and over $40,000 to Hillary Clinton.  But now he is also having to separate himself from the donations FROM “those kind” of Democrats.

Despite Bredesen’s claim that he isn’t running ‘against President Trump” his supporters sure are. Tom Steyer, a California billionaire who has compared Trump to Hitler and called for his impeachment is a donor to Bredesen. Bredesen’s latest FEC reports shows Steyer donating $5400 to the campaign.

Steyer has also pledged $30 million to help Democrats retake the House, which would put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s office.  Plus he has promised another $110 million to redefine Democrats.  It is clear he is not redefining Democrats in the mold of moderates willing to work WITH President Trump. His organization, Need to Impeach, makes that abundantly clear. He is a liberal extremist who is bankrolling the most vitriolic elements of the Democratic Party.  And he’s for Phil Bredesen.

Will Bredesen denounce Steyer’s impeachment campaign against Trump and return the $5400 donation? Not likely. The big question is whether Bredesen’s “moderate Democrat” disguise will fool Tennessee voters into thinking he is actually different from the liberal extremists who ARE the Democratic Party today.







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