We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: ‘Drag Queen Readings’ No Longer in Far Off Places, Now in Tennessee

Steve Gill

In the audio below, conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill of The Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville discussed his concern regarding the new trend to expose our young children with ‘drag queen readings’ and how it has slithered it’s way into Tennessee.

He continued:

You’ll find a story at TennesseeStar.com today about this move to start bringing in guys dressed as women, drag queens to read to young students aged three to eight in kindergarten through 1st and 2nd grade. Their bringing in these drag queens to read to children as part of their gender expansion. To try and get into the heads of these kids and teach them that there is no boy thing or no girl thing it’s all just people things. This is a big deal in apparently some of the big cities.

We’ve got the story up TennesseeStar.com you can actually watch some of the video of these very effusive and dramatic drag queens reading to children. Now again if your reading to children you want them engaged you should be effusive and dramatic, it’s what you do with your own kids. The question is whether or not it should be a guy dressed in drag with make up trying to blend the genders. Which is part of the agenda of the perverse left.

Well you might think to yourself oh that could never happen in Tennessee and you would be wrong. Because this Sunday August 12th from 1:30pm to 3pm, at the Clarksville Montgomery County Library in Clarksville, TN. They are going to have their rainbow reading with Equality Clarksville. Featuring special guest reader local drag performer Jessica Monroe, she’s gonna be, he’s gonna be, it’s gonna be, I don’t know. Anyway, the celebrity reader is going to be this drag performer at the Montgomery County public library.

Now the Montgomery County library tells us that anybody can rent a meeting room if you’re a non-profit, it doesn’t mean their endorsing it, sponsoring it or encouraging it. Their rules provide that anybody who’s a non-profit can use the meeting rooms to conduct their event. They’ve had people of religious faith have their meetings there, they’ve had people that are you know across the diverse spectrum, I don’t think they’ve been this diverse before.

So, it is the policy and procedure of the Montgomery County library. But this is not age appropriate and if they do it at the library will they next being doing it at the school? You need to be paying attention to what’s happening at your children’s school as we launch another school year.

Because while you might think that ‘drag queen reading’ is something that only happens in these far-off places and that Tennessee would never embrace it or allow it you would be wrong.

Because they are doing it in a library in Clarksville Sunday, and they can be doing it in your child’s school within the next few weeks if we don’t pay attention.

Listen to the segment:

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Editor’s Note: The text of this article has been updated to reflect that August 12 is Sunday.






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