New Text Messages Show Ellison Described Abuse Allegations as ‘Bickering’, Wanted to ‘Try’ Relationship ‘Again’

As promised, Keith Ellison accuser Karen Monahan has released additional text messages between her and former partner showing that Ellison repeatedly attempted to get back together with Monahan.

During a Friday night debate, Ellison suggested that he was the one who ended their relationship just before the 2016 election, and had no interest in reconnecting with her. After the debate, Monahan released a series of text messages and medical records proving that she discussed the abuse allegations with both Ellison and a doctor prior to going public.

Monahan also vowed to continue releasing information if Ellison kept up his “dishonest” tactics, and on Sunday she published three text messages, some as early as June 2017, showing that Ellison attempted to restore their relationship.

“Karen, if you miss me and want me back, I am willing to try again. I will make it clear that you are my ONE and ONLY. But if you don’t want me back, then what’s the point of all of the bickering? Calling me names?” Ellison texted Monahan on Feb. 28 2017 in response to her claims that the relationship was a form of “narcissist abuse.”

A few days earlier, Ellison reached out to Monahan to express how “strange” it was for him to not have Monahan in his “life,” saying that he expected she would “always be there.”

“I guess I screwed that up. Don’t blame you. I read and watched all of the video you sent. I don’t see how the narcissism thing fits me, but it’s something to seriously consider. Anyway, it’s really sinking in [that] you’re really gone. Hard to believe,” Ellison texted Monahan on Feb. 22 2017, adding that he’s “not as strong as” Monahan.

“I hate like coming home to an empty house. I kind of wish someone was there. I miss you being there,” he added.

Ellison then reached out to Monahan on June 11 2017, saying that he has “to leave tomorrow” and is “really sorry.”

“It seems so strange to not see you. Miss you a lot. I’m back in DC. Sorry couldn’t get you your stuff this weekend,” he texted Monahan.

In her Sunday Facebook post, Monahan claimed that Ellison “left message like this throughout the whole year of 2017” even after she discussed the “various forms of abuse” with him.

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