Passionately Catholic: Cry to Heaven

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

It’s hard to believe that most of us are confined to our homes and have limited access to commerce and recreation. Want a night out with your significant other. Sorry. No can-do. Want to spend time enjoying family and friends at a park. Sorry, social distancing in place. Want to watch baseball, basketball or other sports in person or on television? Sorry, closed for the season.

It seems our world has been turned upside down. Our freedom to move about, whether it be to worship, shop, eat, vacation, or visit friends has been stifled, if not completely shut down.

When we do venture out to buy food or other necessities, more and more people are wearing face masks and gloves. These changes and new images can cause us great fear and anxiety. Is this our new reality you have to ask? As with any grave situation that is beyond our control, our only hope is the one who is in control, Almighty God. God does not cause these things to happen, but He does permit them. Each one of us is called to repent through prayer and fasting. Cry to heaven for mercy. We need it now more than ever.

I’m Susie Kelly and I am passionately Catholic.


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