Follow the Money: Famed Attorney Lin Wood Explains His Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Secretary of State


Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed attorney Lin Wood to the show.

During the show, Wood explained his suit filed against Georgia’s Secretary of State and described the fraud that he alleges has taken place during the election process. He added with certainty that Georgia will not hold a runoff election but will hold a down-ballot vote.

Fredericks: Joining us now world-famous lawyer from Atlanta Lin Wood. You know, I’m from the Richard Jewell case. You know him from just getting a settlement from The Washington Post. He’s filed suit here in Georgia, and he’s with us now. Lin, thank you for being with us today, sir.

Wood: Well, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you. You’re probably overlooking my home in Atlanta in Peach Tree Park.

Fredericks: Well, I am. We are on the 17th floor here. I can wave to your house and when you get back we’re going to have you on live so we can follow this up. Lin, tell us about the lawsuit you filed and what exactly is it, and when you think you’re going to get a ruling?

Wood: The lawsuit I filed was against the secretary of state and other appropriate defendants. And it stems out of a March 2020 consent settlement that the secretary of state entered into in litigation with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party was represented by Perkins Coie you might also call Perkins Coie the Hillary Clinton Law Firm. But that consent agreement made substantive changes in the absentee voting rules. You can’t do that.

Only the state legislature is permitted to make a change in a federal election conducted in the state. That’s been strongly suggested and will be upheld eventually by Judge Justice Alito in Pennsylvania. Even recently by a judge in California where they tried the same thing with the governor. So they changed the rules under the guise of COVID to try to increase the ability of people to vote by mail.

And as a result, you got fraud of a massive amount through the mail-in votes and you’ve also got fraud in your computer voting machines. It’s not the first time they’ve done this. What happened this time is that Trump won by such a large margin that they had to go out and get these mail-in votes in the middle of the night to try to carry some of the key states.

But in Georgia, the election is void and unlawful. It’s going to work through the court system unless the state legislature was to take action in advance of the courts because the election is void. There’s going to have to be a new election. They can’t do it for the President. They’re going to do it through the electoral college. But every down-ballot contest is going to have to be redone. It’s not going to be a runoff. It’s going to have to be a new election.

Fredericks: Wow. So look, I just had Senator Brandon Beach on. State Senator who’s for a special session and he said the same thing. He said Lin that the general assembly is the only entity according to Georgia law that can make this change. He said the deal that Raffensperger the Secretary of State made with Stacey Abrams on this mail and ballot scam if you want to call it that, he said they were not ever even told about it. Like it never even went to them or they would have said hey, you can’t do this. And now they’re asking for a special session and the governor is nowhere to be found.

Wood: The governor is nowhere to be found because the governor of this state and I don’t say things lightly because I do a lot of defamation work since the Richard Jewell case.

Fredericks: Yes, sir.

Wood: So I don’t like people making false accusations about someone else the governor of the state of Georgia is corrupt. The lieutenant governor, I don’t know about him but he certainly has been quiet, and certainly the only time he spoke out he said there was no evidence of fraud. Talk to people in the state of Georgia. That’s a lie. Raffesnsperger, Raffesnsperger is corrupt. You can always follow the money.

And there’s a lot of money that went down when the Dominion Voting System was purchased by the state of Georgia in 2019. Follow the money. There was also a lot of money that went down when Governor Kemp bought COVID supplies, masks, gowns, and COVID test kits from China. Follow the money.

It’s also an interesting money trail before he appointed Kelly Loeffler as Senator and after her appointment. Follow the money. The governor of the state of Georgia is corrupt. He’s compromised by China’s money. And that’s why you don’t hear him out there fighting for the people of this state right now who are going to be outraged and they already are because they know that Trump won this state by a landslide.

He won the country by a landslide. May have won all 50 states. And they’re trying to steal our government because they’re going to change our government. You going to wake up in a few months and you’re not going to have the United States flag over the White House. It might be the China flag. This is their effort to overthrow our government.

Fredericks: So Lin Wood, would you believe that Trump, let’s just focus on Georgia for a second, and then we’ll go to some of the other states. But you believe that Trump won Georgia in a landslide. How did they get these mail-in ballots in there in the middle of the night? Like how did they do that Lin?

Wood: Georgia, they had algorithms planned in for what they thought they would need in terms of the votes. Those were baked in in the computer voting system.

Fredericks: The Dominion software.

Wood: The system actually works in any voting machine because it’s software that affects the vote tallies. All of which run through a company called Seidel and then Clarity who reports them. They bake that into the computers and then they had their failsafe mechanism in the mail-in votes. I know people have written me from all over the state where they got three, four, five paper ballots.

The secretary of state should have sent one for each member of the voting roll. The secretary of state didn’t send them. They were sent out of a company in Arizona. Why would that be the case? I could sit down and I could get a paper ballot. I could sign my name for the request and my name on the ballot. Then I can take 50 more paper ballots and sign someone else’s name for the request and sign somebody else’s name the same persons for the ballot and the vote.

And the signatures are going to match. But it’s not an actual voter that signing either one of them. Now in this recount, they are counting in the illegal votes. They don’t even have and they’re not looking at the signatures on the request. They claim they’re not and they don’t need to look at the letters where they came from or where they are postmarked. They’re just counting the actual vote.

They’re going to recount the same fraud that came up in the initial election. Somebody’s got it. If you wanted to go the hard route you’d have to do an audit to parse out the legal from the illegal. You would find them. That’s why they’re trying to rush through under the guise of oh we’re going to do an audit canvas and recount, they are just doing a recount. The secretary of state is lying to you.

They also had people that they did not allow Republican spotters to watch the vote tally. They made it difficult enough when they impose the six-foot rule. If you had a mask you could sit there. And in Fulton County at the State Farm Arena under the guise of saying everybody’s tired let’s go home, the Republican spotters went home at 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm and the counters came back and they counted votes for three hours.

1,000’s votes could have been changed and miscounted during those three hours in Fulton County alone. They claimed that it was a water main break. Find out what happened. You’re going to find that there was a urinal that overflowed in the arena. That morning it was fixed within an hour. The citizens of Georgia are being lied to. They are being lied to by their governor. They are being lied to and have been lied to by their secretary of state, maybe others.

But there’s been a big move to disregard what happened in the presidential election and focus on the runoff. You are not going to win that runoff because people that voted for Donald Trump know that something was going wrong. They are not going to buy that or be fooled again and vote in that runoff. Ultimately it’s not going to be a runoff, it’s going to be an entire down-ballot revote.

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Photo “Attorney Lin Wood” by Lin Wood, P.L.C.

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