Passionately Catholic: What We Are All Missing Under the Mask

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

Recently, I went through the drive-through at a local coffee shop. After I received my coffee, the employee said to me, “I just want to tell you that you have a very kind smile.” I looked at her and remarked back, “I bet you have one as well, I just can’t see it.” She was donning a mask and I was not. What are we all missing under the mask?

We miss the very basic communication with others. We miss their expressions, their emotions, and their smiles. Covering our faces is in effect dehumanizing. So what are we to do with the mandates with masks? Whenever you can, show your smiling face to others. When you are outside, remove your mask. When there is a safe distance between you and others, sans the mask. Whenever you do not need to wear a mask, don’t.

Let’s start showing our faces, our smiles, and our frowns to others. We must start connecting with others on a more personal level. Let’s get back to living our lives as God has intended us to do, making personal connections with others. 

I’m Susie Kelley, and I’m passionately Catholic.

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