Passionately Catholic: Why Does God Put Up with Us

by Suzy Kelly


Ponder this…

Why in the world does God put up with us? God being God could do anything he wanted. He created each one of us and he created us out of love, but we creatures have turned our back on God since the beginning of time. Why didn’t God give up on all of us?

Call it quits, and then just go back to being God. If I were God, I probably would have selected this option, but God chose differently. Yes, man has turned his back on God, but God being who he is responds in the same consistent way, in love. God truly loves his creatures. He loves each and every one of us. And he continues to give us a chance at eternal paradise, even though we screw up every day. We have the opportunity to connect with God every moment of every day. If we turn to God and allow him to be a part of our daily life, we will be grounded in truth. He will guide us in all of our decisions, carry us during trying times and bring peace to our day.

I’m Suzy Kelly and I am passionately Catholic.






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