Child ‘Grooming’ Summer Camp Teaches 3rd-5th Graders Gender ‘Spectrum,’ Sexual Kinks

A “sexuality educator” is hosting what is advertised as a summer “sex ed camp” in Indianapolis for children in grades three through five, who will be instructed in the gender “spectrum,” sexual kinks, and condom usage, according to reports of the camp’s events page, which has now been taken down after much negative publicity.

“An entire summer camp devoted to Sex Education for 10-12 year olds,” Chalkboard Review Executive Director Tony Kinnett noted Monday on Twitter, and provided the camp’s Eventbrite ad, which, however, is no longer online.

“Ms. Ashley” Robertson will serve as the grooming camp instructor June 6-10, for a fee of $250, using the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum, which offers curricula for children beginning in kindergarten.

Robertson’s Facebook page is titled “Let’s Talk About Sex Ed with Ms. Ashley.”

“Only $250 per ticket so I can show your elementary aged kid how to use condoms!” Kinnett added.

In April 2021, Robertson conducted a workshop titled “Potty Training & Early Sex Ed,” which was advertised on the web page for The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health in Providence, Rhode Island.

A report at the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) noted:

All parents … must attend an orientation on May 28 where they are required “to sign behavior agreements, enrollment paperwork, and waivers,” according to the event page.

“The Our Whole Lives curriculum offers a positive, affirming take on puberty, human sexuality, and social emotional skills without coercive abstinence-based strategies,” the page reads.

Kids attending the workshop will not be divided by gender while discussing puberty, bodies and sex, because “gender is a spectrum and not a binary,” according to the FAQs of the page.

The curriculum can be viewed at the website of the Unitarian Universalist Association, under Curricula & Faith Development.

Our Whole Lives states it offers a “social justice approach to inclusive sexuality education,” and makes the following statement about its program:

Our Whole Lives recognizes and respects the diversity of participants with respect to biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and disability status in addition to cultural and racial background. The activities and language used throughout the program have been carefully chosen to be as inclusive as possible of this human diversity.

The program’s features include:

Expert user support from the Unitarian Universalist’s Association OWL Program Manager and the United Church of Christ’s Minister of Sexuality Education and Justice.

Sexuality and Our Faith, an optional religious supplement for use in Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ settings.

Our Whole Lives adds:

National surveys show that most parents, along with educators and children and youth, want to expand sexuality education. Our Whole Lives is an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

Our Whole Lives is informed by the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education produced by the National Guidelines Task Force, a group of leading health, education, and sexuality professionals assembled by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). In every category of assessment, the curriculum meets or exceeds the National Standards for Sexuality Education Core Curriculum, K-12 (PDF).

Abortion industry giant and comprehensive sex education leader Planned Parenthood announced in 2015 it was “working with” SIECUS, and LGBTQ activist organizations GLSEN and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to “call for LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed.”

According to the DCNF’s description of the camp’s event page, the camp touts, “Children will also see a ‘condom demonstration’ because ‘at this age, kids are primed for level-headed learning.’”

“There is no shame or ickiness associated with using bandaids and that same philosophy is applied to condoms and other barriers in this body-positive curriculum,” the page also states.

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]



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