New Virginia Gov. Youngkin Announces More Transition Officials


Glenn Youngkin announced a 113-member list of legislators, law enforcement, business owners, and Republican Party of Virginia officials that will be part of his transition “landing teams” — separate from the transition steering committee he announced earlier in November. The teams will coordinate with Governor Ralph Northam’s cabinet.

“In order to change the trajectory of our great Commonwealth, our transition team is utilizing the vast experience of business owners, law enforcement officials, veterans, healthcare providers, industry experts, and—most importantly—parents to determine how government can begin to serve Virginians better and start delivering on our Day One promises of better schools, safer streets, a lower cost of living, and more jobs,” Youngkin said in a Wednesday press release.

Teams include Administration, Agriculture and Forestry, Commerce and Trade, Commonwealth, Education, First Lady, Finance, Health and Human Resources, Labor, Natural and Historic Resources, Public Safety and Homeland Security, Technology and Cyber, Transportation, and Veterans and Defense Affairs.


(Chair) Senator Jill Vogel, Delegate Jay Leftwich, Delegate Will Wampler, Fmr. Secretary Janet Kelly, Aliscia Andrews, Tim Parrish, Kishore Thota, Donald Williams, Tyler Williams

Agriculture and Forestry

(Chair) Delegate Margaret Ransone, Senator Emmett Hanger, Senator Richard Stuart, Brian Barnett, Tim Parrish, Hallie Pence, Beth Walker Green

Commerce and Trade

(Chair) Senator Ryan McDougle, Senator Frank Ruff, Delegate Emily Brewer, Delegate Will Morefield, Delegate Will Wampler, Melissa Ball, Rooz Dadabhoy, Mike Gallagher, Chris Pilkerton, Bob Sledd, Dubby Wynne


(Chair) Senator Tommy Norment, Delegate Bobby Orrock, Chief Steve Adkins, Councilwoman Amanda Pillion, Fmr. Secretary Janet Kelly


(Chair) Senator David Suetterlein, Senator Siobhan Dunnavant, Delegate John Avoli, Delegate Rob Bell, Delegate Carrie Coyner, Fmr. Congressman Tom Davis, Nate Bailey, Bill Bennett, Christopher Bright, Lindsey Burke, Elizabeth Butler, Grace Creasey, Rebecca Horner, Tian Olson, Abigail Rogers, Kirk Schroder, Elizabeth Schultz

First Lady

(Chair) Delegate Amanda Batten


(Chair) Senator Steve Newman, Senator Tommy Norment, Delegate Kathy Byron, Delegate Joe McNamara, Fmr. Secretary Aubrey Layne, Stuart Farrell, Brian Holland, Barry Knight, Dan Kowalski, Scott Mayausky, Jared Walzack

Health and Human Resources

(Chair) Senator Siobhan Dunnavant, Senator Todd Pillion, Delegate Roxann Robinson, Dr. Nancy Dye, Dr. Bill Hazel, Lt. Col (Ret) Daniel Gade, Lt. Col (Ret) Arne Owens, Fmr. Secretary Alan Levine, Chris Head, Ashish Kachru, Amber Kirby Talley, Ashley Suetterlein


(Chair) Delegate Kathy Byron,  Senator Travis Hackworth, Melissa Ball, Chuck James, Caren Merrick

Natural and Historic Resources

(Chair) Senator Richard Stuart, Delegate Danny Marshall, Keith Hodges, Chelsea Jenkins, James Sherlock, Andrew Wheeler

Public Safety and Homeland Security

(Chair) Senator Mark Obenshain, Senator David Suetterlein, Delegate Amanda Batten, Delegate Rob Bell, Delegate Ronnie Campbell, Sheriff Mike Chapman, Sheriff Glendell Hill, Sheriff Hank Partin, Tony Pham, Zach Terwilliger, John Zadrozny

Technology and Cyber

(Chair) Delegate Glenn Davis, Senator Mark Peake, Aliscia Andrews, George Batsakis


(Chair) Delegate Scott Wyatt, Delegate Terry Austin, Senator Bill DeSteph, Senator Mark Obenshain, Fmr. Secretary Robert Martinez, Fmr. Delegate Jim LeMunyon, Jenn Aument, Dave Foreman, Brad Hobbs, David Horner, Shep Miller

Veterans and Defense Affairs

(Chair) Delegate John McGuire, Senator Bryce Reeves, Sheriff Karl Leonard, Colonel (Ret.) Rich Anderson, Colonel (Ret.) Mike Flanagan, Jen Kiggans, Paul Lawrence, Tim Parrish, Richard Stone, Terrie Suit

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Glenn Youngkin” by Glenn Youngkin. Background Photo “Virginia Capitol” by Anderskev. CC BY 3.0.






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