U.S. Representative Mark Green Repeats Intent to Object to Electoral College Results


Not long before the tallying of and objections to the Electoral College results were disrupted by the violent protest at the Capitol, U.S. Representative Mark Green (R-TN-07) had repeated his intention to contest the election results.

Green on Wednesday announced his intention to object to the slates of electors in “certain states.”

“Since the election, I’ve heard from countless Tennesseans who have serious doubts about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. Here in the United States, the right of citizens to elect their leaders is the bedrock of our exceptional nation. Any single illegal vote counted means another American’s vote has been disenfranchised.

Moments from now, in the Joint Session of Congress, I will be a voice for my constituents and join in objecting to the slates of electors from certain states. Every opportunity we have to examine the evidence and debate it for the American people to see should be welcomed, not feared. Worse than a slight delay or inconvenience is a divided nation with serious doubts about their elections.

While today’s certification of electoral votes by Congress is the final step in this election, it cannot, and will not be the end of our fight to ensure fair and free elections in the future. I will continue to fight for stronger election laws for our Republic.”

During the attack, Green tweeted, “I’m inside the Capitol. My staff and I are safe. Pray for our Capitol Police and our nation. This is not who we are.”

Green on Dec. 30 first announced his intent to object to the Electoral College certification, The Tennessee Star reported.

“Over the last two months, I’ve heard from countless constituents who have no confidence in the outcome of the presidential election in certain states. And who can blame them? I tried to sound the alarms for nearly a year in House Homeland Security Committee and Oversight Committee hearings that the increase in mail-in balloting and last-minute changes to election laws could lead to confusion, fraud, and distrust. Sadly, those warnings were not heeded,” Green wrote.

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2 Thoughts to “U.S. Representative Mark Green Repeats Intent to Object to Electoral College Results”

  1. Julie

    There are too few patriots like Rep Green, I hope they can continue to carry the torch for us. However, don’t expect any real election reform, if anything it will just look like reform. The uni-party in Washington cannot have someone like Trump get in office, this cannot happen again. They put up the candidates we vote for period. The majority of Republicans are not on board with America first, and the results Trump delivered and rally attendance scared them. This is why after the 11/3 election you didn’t have Republicans clamoring for investigations into the fraud despite the affidavits and evidence presented in the swing state hearings. The uni-party runs Washington, and establishment Republicans no longer care what you think or who you voted for. Americans need to understand this massive election fraud is the uni-party take over of our country.

  2. CMinTN

    Well we now know our 2 senators backed out of supporting the objections. Message to the D.C. criminal cabal…”You have lost the consent of the governed.” We will now. work to unseat you.