New Poll Shows Minnesotans Agree With Jeff Johnson on Issues of Immigration, Taxes, and Health Care

A new poll released by the Center of the American Experiment shows Democrat Tim Walz with an eight-point lead in Minnesota’s gubernatorial race, though a plurality of respondents want to see the state move in a “more conservative” direction. According to the poll, 43 percent of likely voters plan to…

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Tim Walz Has Change of Heart on Gas Tax After Poll Shows Minnesotans Disagree With Him

Minnesota Democrat gubernatorial nominee Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN) is walking back a promise to raise the gas tax in the state after a new poll shows that a majority of Minnesotans disagree with the proposal. According to a recent KSTP and Survey USA poll of likely Minnesota voters, 52 percent…

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Poll Shows Democrats Don’t Believe Keith Ellison Accuser

Keith Ellison

A new poll shows that Democrat Keith Ellison holds a small lead over Republican Doug Wardlow in Minnesota’s attorney general race. According to a Star Tribune and MPR News poll, Ellison carries the support of 41 percent of voters, while Wardlow trails close behind with 36 percent. Like many races…

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Google Video Leaked to Breitbart Confirms Tech Giant Wants to Destroy Trump Agenda

A new video leaked exclusively to Breitbart News Wednesday shows high-ranking Google executives plotting to use their tech resources to thwart the Trump agenda during an hour-long weekly rap session. The video, recorded during a 2016 “all hands” meeting at Google’s headquarters, features co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Vice…

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Democratic Strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis Are Home to Half of the State’s Lowest Performing Schools


The Democratic strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis are home to half of the state’s lowest performing schools, according to the Minnesota Report Card. The Pioneer Press recently reported that the Twin Cities contain 24 of the 47 lowest-performing schools in the state, which are set to receive support from…

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FEATURE: How An Unelected Board of Officials is Deliberately Sabotaging Minnesota Commuters

Jason Lewis

It’s two hours before class starts, but Haley is already on the road. “I haven’t missed work or class because I always try to leave two hours before I start, just to make sure I get there on time,” she said. In one week, Haley estimates that she wastes up…

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Hennepin County Board Votes in Favor of Using Taxpayer Dollars to Help Illegal Immigrants Find Attorneys

Marion Greene

The Hennepin County Board recently voted in favor of using taxpayer dollars to help illegal immigrants facing deportation obtain legal support. According to The Star Tribune, the Board approved a $275,000 fund to help illegal immigrants who can’t afford an attorney. “I’m really glad to see the county taking this…

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