Sen. Tina Smith Ditches Due Process, Uses Kavanaugh Accusations for Fundraising

During a Thursday interview, Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) suggested that she will not vote in favor of Judge Brett Kavanaugh because “we should not allow people who have committed sexual assault on the Supreme Court.”

While Kavanaugh faces multiple accusations of sexual assault, he has yet to be found guilty of any crimes, though Smith seems to think otherwise.

“Well, if the standard is that we, the standard is that we should not allow people who have committed sexual assault on the Supreme Court. That’s a standard that I think anybody should live by,” Smith told Valley News Live, noting that she opposes Kavanaugh’s nomination for a “whole slew of reasons.”

“You know, I have been opposed to Judge Kavanaugh for a whole slew of reasons having to do with his positions on, his decisions on health care and on executive power, and how he seems to believe that the president shouldn’t have to be exposed to basically the rule of law,” she said, adding that his Thursday testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee caused her “grave concern.”

“This, today, I think was another cause of grave concern. And remember, this is not a trial that’s happening today. What it is is a job interview, and I’ve seen a lot to suggest that, to me, he shouldn’t have this job,” Smith concluded.

The Minnesota senator is already using the accusations against Kavanaugh for fundraising purposes, asking her constituents to “join” her in demanding “Senate Republicans stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation process” until there is an FBI investigation.

“Judge Kavanaugh is nominated for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in our country—and now faces a third accusation of sexual misconduct,” the letter states, suggesting that “Republicans will stop at nothing to get their man on the court.”

Smith, however, is still backing Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN-05) in his run for Minnesota attorney general, even though he faces two accusations of domestic abuse.

“I appreciate that there are important allegations around Congressman Ellison. And it’s also really important to realize and to appreciate that Congressman Ellison categorically denies these,” she said during a recent interview, saying “I do” in response to whether she continues to support him.

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